A local story with national implications and tremendous contemporary instructive power. A rare book on lawmaking that both informs and entertains. An impressive combination.

Professor of American Studies, Lawrence University, Wisconsin

A magnificent masterpiece… clearly the best history of its kind I’ve ever read. Most important is the mixture of family life with the political, shedding bright light on how they relate and on the pressures they impede on one another.

Former Three-Term U.S Senator, Three-Term Attorney General and Five-Term State Representative, State of Washington

I am a political junkie, certainly! And I found this a great read well-paced and engaging

Former Secretary of Education and Legislator, State of California

The book is extraordinary. It is the best reader a citizen could find on how a legislature works. Its content is well-lived and well-documented, the beautiful record of a grand process. The book’s message is as American as they come: citizens can make a difference. … To the young person (or a person of any age) pondering how she or he might make a difference in public life, (this) book is a good place to start.

Washington State Representative, 25th District, Puyallup

This book allows the reader to look over the shoulder of a legislator both publicly and behind the scenes. Even the press never gets access this far inside the political process. Politics of the Possible is ‘must’ reading for anyone interested in how government works – and that should be all of us.

Former Three-Term Governor, U.S. Senator and Four-Term Legislator, State of Washington

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed… Politics of the Possible. I found it fascinating reading and an inspiration to women everywhere who strive to improve their communities. The book was not only informative; it was just plain fun reading.

Former mayor and elected official, University Place, Washington. 1995-2009

Is this story of value? Absolutely. It tells of a remarkable moment in a state’s political history and more, it describes beautifully what happened in those years. Readers will tend to weigh what they see happening today against the important principles Mary Ellen McCaffree lays out so effectively in Politics of the Possible… I enjoyed the reading immensely.

Attorney and Co-Chair, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

We’ve never had a comprehensive history that related the strategies, tactics and political drama of our state’s exciting era of political transformation in the 1960s. Mary Ellen McCaffree has done that for us and for future generations. Her book… is remarkable for how it captures exactly what happened and how it happened. I highly recommend Politics of the Possible.

Washington Secretary of State, 2000 - 2012