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  • Secretary of State, Sam Reed, hosted Mary Ellen McCaffree and a distinguished panel to discuss “Civility and Principles of Positive Politics

  • The Center for Civic Leadership hosted Mary Ellen McCaffree, her husband Ken, daughter Nancy and grand daughter Alison to discuss “Positive Politics” at the Discovery Institute in Seattle.


This lively journey through one dynamic decade proves our political system really can function as our founders designed. Mary Ellen McCaffree and Anne McNamee Corbett take us inside a government overhaul led by a team of moderates -- fledgling politicians and citizens alike -- who said
‘Our government isn’t working for us!’ then rolled up their sleeves, joined the process and made a difference. In just ten years, Mary Ellen and her peers tackle the thorniest, most politically unpalatable issues of their day and rise to lead a sweeping program of progressive bi-partisan reforms, all the while balancing public and private lives. Actual people, relationships, and experiences interwoven with iconic events of the 1960’s, give today’s citizens tools to engage: to effectively prod, lead and legislate change. Politics of the Possible de-mystifies the gears of governing and strips the political process bare. As Mary Ellen tells her wary young adult grandchildren, when we understand our governmental process, we can assure it works. The caliber of our government -- its integrity, its relevance, how well it responds to our needs -- is up to us.


the League of Women Voters

Politics of the Possible donates proceeds to assist the League to
“Make Democracy Work” Click here for League

The Book beautifully describes how one Leaguer, Mary Ellen McCaffree, a long time league member and past president of the Seattle League, made a difference, and gives us all tools to engage in the political process.

Author receives Life Time of Public Service Award

Mary Ellen McCaffree honored by Sam Reed, Secretary of State for Washington at his Brown Bag Forum on “Civility and Positive Politics.” For Picture

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